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Seasons Rhythm

Living & Working in the Rhythm of the Seasons

“Finally available! The App of this amazing book!”


Life is a miraculous process that flows through us

The best we can do is to follow its rhythm …


Start of Spring

Organic growth from within
Deepening the connection with your source


Peak of Spring

The seedlings that emerged in January and were brought into contact with the world and people in February are now truly taking on form.


End of Spring

At this stage you will need to make attractive that which is new,
emerged and what has taken on an initial form.


Start of Summer

Like the promises of spring, each year reaches full development in summer. Fulfil the promises of youth in the summer of your life.


Peak of Summer

Fully present in the world.
Get involved in the outside world, but do so carefully.


End of Summer

Consolidating contacts in the outside world;
dealing with contrasts


Start of Autumn

Consolidation – what have you acquired externally? It is now about being with people, the social component in your life.


Peak of Autumn

Throttle down. Working peacefully from your source.
The year’s harvest is ripening on the field. The time of external growth has come to an end.


End of Autumn

Continue peacefully with what you were doing and wait for things to happen as they will occur automatically.


Start of Winter

The seedlings that fell to earth in autumn are purified in peace; in the earth the energy needed later for growth is building.


Peak of Winter

Experiencing the winter solstice is essential as this is when you can reflect on the light returning.


End of Winter

What wants to be born through you? It is the time
in which energy grows so that life can return by itself.

The Rhythm of the Seasons is all about organic growth
and is therefore an excellent guide.

The major problem of our age is that we find ourselves in a state of utmost turbulence. We are constantly
confronted by change – every day, and in the most diverse of areas.

The SeasonsRhythm App provides easy access to
the vast body of knowledge contained in the book.


Beautiful book. Has deepened my insights into the seasons. Lots of wisdom: being able to re-read and reflect makes it such a pleasant book. A guide in the hectic of daily life”


Stella Verhoef

I love the careful and deep consideration through which the writer addresses the reader. Very balanced in the way the material in the book is offered, such that it has its own rhythm. Such a beautiful gift!”


James Hendrix

Beautiful book about the workings of the seasons and how you can integrate this in your daily life. Source of inspiration!”


| Almere |

Jaap has transformed the ‘book of changes, I Ching, into context with the seasons. Added beautiful pictures and clear narrative. A book to pick up often, to read, to browse and to cherish.”



A gorgeous book, very remarkable how western society is so remote from nature, whilst being integral part of it.
Truly recommend it.”



Beautiful book from which to take what YOU want. It is an eye-opener on how to interact with the seasons. Gift to myself.”


Look at all the great content you get in the App
(Table Book and eBook coming out soon…)

The App contains guidance on each monthly period, is both in Dutch and in English, provides questions to reflect upon,
with many beautful graphics, and clear explanation on how the seasons really work!
Based on the teaching of the I Ching, explained clearly and speaking to you in a direct manner.

Spring Start - Organic growth from within - Deepening the connection with your source
  • Hexagram 48 – The Well
  • The Well is about connecting with your inner source
  • Your source is the point of origin, the very foundation of who you are
Spring Peak - Linking inspiration and form
  • The situation in the ‘World of Forms’ is described in hexagram 63 – After Completion
  • This period is about organising, completing and shaping the seedlings that have developed in the previous months
  • You will benefit from not comparing the forms you have developed with those of others
Spring End - What should you bring to the world?
  • Grace. Now is the time to make the seedlings that have sprouted beautiful
  • This is about the final completion of a ‘clean’ design
  • Beauty comes after the essence and content
Summer Start - Bring true to your form
  • This period is represented by hexagram 37 – The Family, the Clan
  • This month is about finding ‘clean’ forms for your direct environment, such as your family and work
  • Throughout this process, the conscience plays an overriding role
Summer Peak - Fully present in the world
  • This period is described by hexagram 30 – The Clinging
  • It is the hexagram of permanent relationships, of daily life, common sense and the eye that observes
  • You will have to be sensible about them
Summer End - Consolidating contacts in the outside world; dealing with contrasts
  • Progress. Hexagram 35
  • Light falling on darkness, or a dawning, revealing realisation
  • Shady affairs are also revealed in this way
Autumn Start - Consolidation - what have you acquired externally?
  • Hexagram 14 – Possession in Great Measure
  • In the Chinese language there is no distinction between having and being
  • Dignity is not about possessions or social status. It relates to natural talents and inborn characteristics
Autumn Peak - Throttle down. Working peacefully from your source
  • Hexagram 64 – Before Completion
  • From now until December, it’s all about ensuring the potential (yang) you have built up takes on form in a natural way, in the outside world
  • This starts this month
Autumn End - Taking stock, reflection and assessment; ordering
  • Hexagram 7 – The Army
  • The focus of this period, contemplation, almost always leads to a new order or restructuring of your activities
  • Be disciplined
Winter Start - Letting go of illusions; decline
  • Splitting Apart attains a form in hexagram 6 – Conflict
  • the battle for existence often breaks out again
  • Although this generally relates to external conflicts, you may also end up in a dualistic internal battle
Winter Peak - Saying farewell and finalising; resting and accepting
  • The situation in the World of Forms is given by hexagram 29 – The Abysmal
  • This image consists of a doubling of trigram Water: it is about flow, insecurity, fear and danger, and how to deal with it all
  • Life is a free-flowing process that also passes through you down to the most fundamental layer – The World of Forms
Winter End - What wants to be born through you?
  • The World of Forms is characterised by hexagram 39 – The Obstruction
  • This hexagram is also known as stumbling
  • This is a time to be in touch with likeminded people

About the Author of Seasons Rhythm

Those who want to live a truly creative life need rhythm.
Jaap Voigt did search for rhythm in his life for a long time, and found it. Jaap doesn’t call himself a Taoist, and certainly not a Taoist master.
But it is in Taoism and it’s teachings that Jaap has found his inspiration for over forty years.

Jaap Voigt

Jaap Voigt


Jaap Voigt studied the influence of the seasons onto man for over 10 years and, based upon the I Ching and an old Chinese calendar, he designed a model to be able to live in the rhythm of the seasons.
Hapé Smeele, as photographer, followed nature’s rhythm of the seasons with his camera for years. The book that resulted provides extremely valuable insights and advice for daily lives and work: When do you start something new? When can you best start a project or even start a company. When do you need to restructure? When do you retreat and when do you move forward?

The model which is offered in the App (and English version of the book – coming out soon..), provides guidance for all to live in natural rhythm and helps us not only to keep on standing amidst all what challenges us, but to be truly creative in the midst of a very turbulent outside world,  with its every increasing pace and illusion of continuous expansion.

May the SeasonsRhythm App inspire you in your search for good rhythm.

It’s there. You just have to seek it.

Find it. And live it.

Please note that this book and accompanying App are designed for use in the moderate climate zone on the Northern Hemisphere only.